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Return the key and the leaseWhat we're not is a leads reseller, when you decide that you are ready to put the brakes on your lease - we take the car from you!

Brake-A-Lease is an authorized lease return center for all banks! Even if you didn't last lease your car from us we may be able to help. *We can even help you negotiate with the bank for excess wear and tear and mileage issues. Call 718-253-CARS today to find out how easy it is to return your vehicle with Brake-A-Lease!

Why would someone want to Brake-A-Lease? Circumstances in life change, your family may need a larger vehicle or a smaller one, sometimes people are unable to drive or parking is too expensive, there could be financial reasons. That's OK, we understand life happens, and you don't have to explain yourself to us. We are here to help you out of your lease, and we will help you with the process.

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Why not do it on my own? The following are some of the pitfalls you can experience.

  1. Remaining payments on your lease.
  2. An early termination fee.
  3. Costs related to preparing the vehicle for sale.
  4. Storage and/or transportation of the vehicle.
  5. Taxes associated with leasing, if any.
  6. Negative equity between your lease amount and the current value of your car.

That's where Brake-a-Lease comes in. Brake-A-Lease is looking to help you find the best way to get out of your lease in the best form possible. We are going to work with you to discover what your situation is and work with all parties involved to help get you out of your lease.

What we need from you is actually a relatively small amount of information, your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Lease holders name, mileage, and your contact information. If we find an equitable solution we will ask you to bring your vehicle in for inspection to see the condition of the vehicle. If you are satisfied with what we can do for you, we will handle the return and all of the paperwork for you.

*Not all lease return issues are the same and Brake-A-Lease does not make any promises expressed or implied.

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